Faith Test

Faith Test: Who gets the Glory?

When an issue comes up we typically act quickly to solve the problem, to take away the pain. We sweep the dirt under the rug and never deal with the root of the problem. As the roots grow deeper, they cause more issues. “His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” For generations, we have been praying this prayer, and for generations we have not seen this happen on a global scale. Yes, for many in their personal lives they have seen kingdom principles manifest, but Jesus says to pray “on earth,” not just our personal lives. 

We are in a time now where everyone’s life has been uprooted in some way, in income, safety, health, food, job, socializing, everything we thought that was in this world is truly not stable. For many, all of their roots have been ripped out of the ground and they are left with nothing but fear, anxiety, as well as emotional and physical pain because what they thought was their life was torn away. When we look at roots and finding the problem, we find that this weed came in. Covid-19 has made its way through the earth and choked the life out of many and destroyed the livelihoods of many. As any problem we quickly go to survival mode and start removing the weed where it hits us hardest, relieving the problem for a moment but not removing it, like when you get a headache and you take ibuprofen to take the edge off and get you through your day. 

The only way to remove this weed and for life to return to safety is to get to the root and rip it out, leaving no trace of it to grow back. The world and the church have quickly acted to ease the pain, to cover it up and get through this pandemic but the root has not been dealt with. Scientists are working around the clock to find the cure and the governments have done a great job in easing the pain while looking to science to find the cure. Christians have prayed, as they should, and some have fasted, but to no avail. The question is, does Jesus or science (aka the devil) get the glory? I am not saying here that science is completely evil in any way, I believe that science proves how creative our Creator is. But the longer we Christians sit back and let scientists find the answer to Satan’s creation, instead of acting on the power of Christ to cast out this virus, the more people will turn to the world instead of Jesus. 

Jesus Himself said that we would do the same things He does and greater works. Jesus raised the dead, cast out sickness and disease, and fed the multitudes, not by His own hand but having faith and doing what He saw His Father in Heaven do. It’s not until we humble ourselves and come together with Him the way He and His Father are, that we will see His kingdom come and will be done on earth. Sickness, disease, and poverty are not in the kingdom of God, so why do we allow them to be? If we only take care of ourselves, or our church, or our community with the resources that we have, instead of with faith and walking as we see our Father in Heaven walk, how our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ walked, we will not see His kingdom come. 

We have a chance here to show the world Jesus is alive. That His power is still evident today as it was yesterday and will be forever. It can only happen if the faith of His people will rise up. He is the all powerful, the miracle worker, promise keeper. We sing songs about Him, let’s believe in Him and join our faith together and remove this virus from the earth. To Jesus we give the Glory and Honor and all praise!

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