TOP 10 Reasons: Not To Start Shaking The Heavens

Top 10 Reasons Excuses:

Not to start Shaking the Heavens

I was once the master of excuses until I realized that excuses are lies and disobedience. So, I took some time and thought of every excuse I could think of to not participate in Shaking the Heavens. Here is a list of the top 10 excuses I could try to reason out.

10. I don’t have access to the internet.
— Shaking the Heavens is meant to bring unity. Ask a friend to send you the video. Better yet, you could both watch it together and pray together. Unify yourself with someone else. This would also help keep you accountable. You can also petition with your local radio, television, and/or newspaper to start doing it and spread the Good News even more.

9. Shaking the Heavens doesn’t need me.
— Shaking the Heavens is uniting the entire body of Christ as one. Your role is so important to us and the entire body. Not just because you are in Christ but because you hold a piece of the puzzle that no one else has and that piece is special to our Lord and the entire body.

8. Only Jesus can bring healing.
— The power of Jesus is the only thing that can miraculously heal people. When we walk with Jesus His word says that we will do the same as He does and GREATER WORKS!

7. I don’t like to pray out loud in front of people.
— Although we greatly encourage physically praying with other people to bring stronger unity, you are welcome to pray in a closet, basement, car or wherever you want.

6. My faith just isn’t there.
— If your faith made you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you have enough faith to pray and be a part of the body of Christ. Remember if faith of the mustard seed can move a mountain, it can bring healing and change.

5. I don’t have anyone to pray with.
— Know that when you are praying with Shaking the Heavens, you are praying with believers all over the world. If you want someone to physically pray with, call a friend, relative, or pick a random person off the street and increase their faith.

4. I forgot.
— Write a note, set an alarm, set your notifications on your phone for facebook and twitter feeds. There are plenty of ways to remember but always keep in mind we are not one without you.

3. I don’t believe in it.
— The word pray is mentioned almost 400 times in the bible. We are to do all things with prayer and supplication. Christ’s desire is that we will all be one.

2. I don’t feel led to participate.
— I can’t imagine God saying “I don’t want you to pray as one to Me” or “I want everyone to pray but you”. If that’s the case though, that’s between you and the God of Heaven.

1. Not enough time.
— Time, one of the most precious things. Each prayer is less than 5 minutes out of your day and those 5 minutes are even more precious when you spend it with the Lord. Candy crush and scrolling facebook can wait 5 minutes!!!

Shaking the Heavens needs you, the world needs you, Jesus needs you! Complete unity can only be done with you. Your 5 minutes a day will change people, including you!.

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