Pray His kingdom and will for the earth, just as it is in heaven, with believer’s around the world daily. Pray where the Lord leads you or read the prayer provided to get your started. The important thing is that we unite as ONE body with our prayers and attack the principalities and powers that are holding God’s people back from reaching His promises for us. For more information see How it works

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Yeast Infections | United Arab Emirates

Thank you for shaking the heavens and being faithful and obedient to what God has called us to do. Unity cannot happen without you!

Pray as the Holy Spirit guides you. You can use the prayer below for some guidance if needed. If you know anyone struggling with the ailment we’re praying for, pray over them and lay hands on them as the word tells us.

Yeast Infections

Father, In the name of Jesus and ask for healing over everyone with a yeast infection. We ask that You clear it from their body and put a shield around them so they never get them again. Whatever the cause is Lord we ask that You place Your healing power over them and fix anything and everything that causes them. Thank You for being our Healer.

United Arab Emirates

Lord, we lift up the United Arab Emirates to You. Move in this land like never before. Lord, anyone and anything that is hurting in this country we ask now in Your name that You wrap Your arms around them and love on them. Lord, open their eyes so they can see Your love and open their hearts so they can feel it. Move in the leaders and the government that all will bow before You and honor You to bring this country to a place of peace overflowing. Heal the sick and broken hearted and provide every need for every person. Pour out new life and prosperity to everyone as they seek Your face and come to know Your awesome love. Thank You Father God for Your love and kindness to all. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray, amen.

REMEMBER TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND MAKE THE PRAYERS OF GOD’S PEOPLE GO VIRAL! Join us again tomorrow and bring unity to the body and His kingdom.

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Shaking the Heavens

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World Venture

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Audio Adrenaline: Hands & Feet

Verse of the Day:

Malachi 2:7

“For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge, And people should seek the law from his mouth; For he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.

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Scripture of the Day

Malachi 2:7

“For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge, And people should seek the law from his mouth; For he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.

Seek First the
Kingdom of God.

Matthew 6:33


The Kingdom of God is a place where all God’s people do and act as one, a place flowing with milk and honey. Although, we do not know exactly what it looks like, we do know:

God's Kingdom Does Not Have:

Sickness & Disease | Hate | Racial Divide | Violence & Destruction | Poverty | Hunger | Politics

God's Kingdom Does Have:

Love & compassion | Joy & Peace | Grace & Mercy | Safety | Perfect Health | Provision | Unity

Are You Ready to Take the Kingdom of God Challenge.

The Vision: On Earth

The Lord showed me a ripe fruit tree filled with ripe juicy fruit that is there for everyone to take. There is only one tree and those who know Him, know where it is. It’s a place that you can feed from daily but the fruit doesn’t fall easily.

Each fruit, a blessing from God, heals, restores, and is filled with peace. Many would come to the tree and pick the fruit off that they could reach or pick what was on the ground. But there were few that were so hungry that they started shaking the tree and the blessing kept falling.

These few wanted more. They wanted everyone to have these blessings and they started spreading the news that everyone could have the fruit, but they needed more help. The few asked and spread the word to come help shake the tree so everyone could have abundance and never go hungry again. As more and more people started shaking the tree, the tree would rain the blessing down and were gathered and given to all.

Healing, peace, strength, and provision in abundance spread across the world from the people coming together as one and shaking the tree. Daily they all shook the tree and daily all the people were filled and they did not stop until all were filled. This is Shaking the Heavens!

The Mission: As it is in Heaven

To bring those who truly desire His Kingdom and will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven together as one. We leave behind all of the politics, denominations, and buildings to focus on Jesus, the word of God, and to cry out as a unified body to our Father in Heaven. Your kingdom come, Your will be done. 

The Goal: To Answer Jesus

Not Me. Not You. Nothing less than ALL of US.

Jesus prayed to His Father that we would become one just as He and His Father are. I cannot do it, you cannot do it, but WE have to do it. The only way to unite is by all of us working and coming together in prayer until we all walk as one with the Holy Spirit. By faith we rise, by faith we stand, by faith we please God.


How It Works


Obediently commit 5 minutes each day to being unified with the Body of Christ.


Join us every day between 12:00am (est.) and 11:59pm (est.) to pray in unity.


Share with others and encourage the entire body to pray as ONE. Make the prayers of God's people go viral!

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Use the prayer provided
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Pray with others. If they are dealing with the issue, lay your hands on them as the word says to.

Join us again tomorrow


Submit a Prayer Focus or your ideas for the Ministry or Song of the Day and spread the knowledge and power of Jesus to the world.

The promised land is a land flowing with milk and honey, the perfect place that has everything we need and desire. His desire for us is to live and dwell in His love, peace, joy, righteousness and have life more abundantly. He wants us to be and act as ONE just as He and His Father and the Holy Spirit are. We cannot do this if we are all working our own angles and agendas.

It’s time to stop being a person and be A PEOPLE. It’s time to stop being churches and be THE CHURCH. It’s time we stop worrying about life and LIVE and WALK in HIS KINGDOM.

JOIN US IN SHAKING THE HEAVENS. Increase your faith, be obedient to His word and pray, pray without ceasing His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.




How many times have you prayed to God for an answer and He put it right in front of you and you didn’t take it? 

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